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Traditional Bali care treatment

Traditional Bali care treatment

Bali, often referred to as “the island of gods and demons”, has been known for its beautifying treatments for thousands of years. Their mystery lies in the multiplicity of natural elements and the specific manual techniques used during the ritual. The mixture of oriental spices, herbs  and plant extracts suspected of magical healing properties, opens the door to the world of beauty which  western cosmetology has tried to discover for hundreds of years. 


Mangir – a deep Detox


A magnificent treatment coming from the royal land of Kerambitan on the island of Bali. 
The ritual is a synthesis of a detoxifying massage based on the combination of aromatic oils with draining and slimming down properties, peeling with the use of Mangir (the composition of aromatic oils, rice powder, flowers, oriental spices) as well as the application of natural body cream . 


Boreh from the island of Bali


A traditional Bali Boreh – a warming composition of oriental spices and herbs – for many years it has been used by farmers cultivating rice. Spending the whole day in the boggy rice fields they suffered from arthritis and rheumatic pains. They apply a warming paste  made of oriental spices such as aniseed, cloves or ginger on their painful legs. Boreh can be also used as a method to cure fever and cold. The ritual begins with a traditional body massage made with the use of warming ginger oil, then the warming Boreh mask is apply on. The ritual is ideal for arthritis and muscle pain. 


Earth and Flowers 


The Earth and Flowers mask is a mixture of oriental spices,  kaolin clay, and natural aromatic oils. It has ideal purifying, smoothing and slimming properties. The ceremony begins with a traditional Bali massage with the use of an extract from kemiri, nuts,  then the Earth and Flowers mask is applied on the whole body. Subsequently,  a massage of the face and skin of the scalp is done.



Merami from the “Ring of Fire” 


Indonesia is known as the “Ring of Fire”. The term is related to over 13,000 volcanoes, some of which are still active. Volcanic ash is  particularly rich in minerals and has been used for years by the original inhabitants for  healing and beautifying aims. The volcanic mud used in this ceremony comes from the Merami volcano( the island of Java). It contains: oligo-minerals, fito-enzymes and the substance which are used in the caring of skin problems, muscle tensions and arthritis. Mud has a positive effect on the hydration and oxygenation of the skin, minimizes pores  and involves blood circulation. It fights against  the development of cellulite, smoothing the skin and supports fat burning.

The ritual begins with a unique Bali massage with the use of warming ginger oil. Then a volcanic mud mask is applied on the whole body followed by a face and head skin massage. The therapy stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, it harmonizes the flow of energy and acts deeply into the muscle tissue.   


Herbal Bath 

A bath with composition of specific spices and herbs: anise, ginger, lemon grass, galangal leaves and  cinnamon.


Flower Bath

A bath with the admixture of aromatic oils and fragrant flower petals