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Hair SPA

Author’s SPA hair programme


The ritual is based on traditional Asian hair treatment techniques with the use of high quality natural products. Its principal element is the Hindu massage of the scalp, neck, palms and arms, which stimulates circulation in the scalp, accelerates the growth of hair, oxygenates and helps maintain balance. In order to obtain better results during the ceremony, a session in the steam bath is planned with a nutritive hair mask. The favorable effect of steam opens hair follicles and pores, which provides better absorption of the active regenerating elements. The SPA session for hair has been developed in order to fight and exclude characteristic scalp and hair problems. We recommend two lines of products for your choice: cosmetics based on the specially chosen compositions of spices and herbs prepared by the Institute of Wellness & Spa and cosmetics based on French aromatic oils.




Time 1 hour, treatment for dry and damaged hair

A very effective, nourishing hair ritual using the natural extract of horsetail, complex vitamins such us: F,A, E, H and silk proteins.


Black radish

Time 1 hour, Treatment for greasy hair

Due to the antibacterial and purifying properties of black radish the treatment harmonizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. A specific mask with the extracts of coconut makes your hair shiny and increases its volume.


Nettle and Soapwort

Time 1 hour, treatment for delicate hair

The ritual uses the healing and strengthening properties of the natural extracts of soapwort, nettle horsetail and birch. It has a calming and regenerating result on hair and scalp.



Time 1 hour, Dandruff eliminating treatment

The extract of burdock reduces the growth of bacteria, has an anti-inflammatory result and prevents the irritation of the scalp. The unique Octopirox complex successfully fights against the micro-organisms which cause dandruff.



Time 1 hour, Treatment preventing hair– loss

The principal element of this session is the application of the nutritive Radical complex, which is responsible for the delivery of L'cystine to the hair follicle cells - the major building material of keratin. The treatment hinders hair loss, accelerates the growth and nourishes the hair.



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