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The traditional rituals from Bali

The traditional  rituals from Bali

A unique programme expanded in Indonesia to which Institute of Wellness & Spa has got special rights. The prescriptions and methods used in rituals have been known for thousands of years. Centuries ago they were achievable only for the relatives of royal families staying in modern day Indonesia.

Regeneration of Singosari princesses
Singosari is an antique Hindu kingdom from the island of Java. Each resident of the royal court ceremony was made subject to beautifying ceremonies for 40 days before her wedding. The ceremony contains a massage with the use of aromatherapy body peeling, aromatic oils based on a composition of herbs and spices and a herbal bath. The treatment is completed with the perfuming of body and hair with oriental incense.   

The Java Lulur – the Royal Love Ritual
An antique beautifying ritual practiced on the island of Java before a wedding. Its major part was the body peeling based on Lulur - the combination of oriental spices and herbs. Tamarind seeds, a sandal tree or orange turmeric spice mixed with rice powder
and nuts, delicately removing the dead epidermis and making the skin become nourished, satin, and smelling of  the far Orient. A soothing ritual starts the traditional Bali massage with the use of jasmine oil. The next step is a body peeling based on the Java Lulur, a bath in flower petals and the application of  the nutrient body cream. It is also a special opportunity for couples who, in the Bali room for two, can  undergo the sensuous ceremony together.

The touch of Goddess Devi Sri

The ritual is called “The touch of goddess Devi Sri”, which was the Hindu goddess of beauty, harvest and maternity. A unique peeling with detoxifying properties based on Mangiru. The ceremony begins  with a soothing massage, with the Franjipani oil, and finishes  with  herbal bath and the application of a special body cream.

 Vanilla & Mocha a sweet ritual

The ceremony includes peeling with the use of a combination of chocolate and coffee, a luxury  Bali massage based on vanilla oil, a  flower bath with the admixture of vanilla-coconut milk and application of cream rich with nutrients on the body. 


The Seventh Chakra 

The hair ceremony, combined with a massage of the head and feet, is carried out at the same time by two masseurs. The massage of the skin of the scalp releases energy from the seventh chakra, located at the top of the head and a simultaneous reflex massage stimulates internal organs. The combination of these methods provides unique experiences.


Gungug Kidul 

Gunung Kidul is the name of volcano located on the island of Java. The stones with which a ritual massage is made come from its neighborhood. They contain micro- crystals which have the ability of storing curative energy coming from the moonlight. 

During the ceremony the stones give this energy back. According to the Asian tradition the stones are exposed to the effect of the full moon. Just before the treatment, they are heated up to a  temperature of 60 0C in a particular dish with the addition of ginger, lemon grass and an aromatic oil. The treatment is started with a warming-up massage with ginger oil, then the massage with stones is performed. Subsequently, the warm stones are located on chakras and energetic points along the body in order to pass the healing energy over. 
The massage stimulates the vascular and lymphatic system and it balances energy and has a significant effect on the muscular tissue. It is ideal for migraine, rheumatic pains and problems with menstruation.


Wine seduction

Red wine and its specific properties were previously known in Antiquity. Queen of England (Mary Stuart) used this valuable product to clean the face skin. Follow the temptation and give  yourself  memorable moments of deep relaxation.  The ceremony starts with an hour of unique Balinese massage.  The next step is a natural sugar peeling  immersed in red wine and flower petals. With it's uncommon features red wine rejuvenates and cleanses the skin from toxins and warms it up as well. The treatment makes the skin flawless, glossy and  radiant.