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Traditional Asian massages

Traditional Asian massages

The secret of human touch was appreciated thousands of years ago in eastern countries.  Various schools of massage were established there, each of which is characterized with a specific nature. The Indonesian school stands out with its holistic approach to the work on the body. The ritual is understood in it as a particular experience which brings mental and physical recovery and stimulates vital internal forces. Indonesia is a source of manual techniques bringing extraordinary impressions both for the body and for the soul. 


The Bali massage


A specific relaxing massage combining the concepts of a few Asian methods, especially: Ayurveda, the Chinese acupressure and the relaxing massage characteristic of the island of Bali. The balanced, but strong and deep movements of masseurs have a positive impact on the well-being of patients.

Java aromatherapy massage


Aromatherapy is one of the most traditional methods of natural medicine. The roots of aromatherapy goes back to the Egyptian, Hindu and Arabic civilizations. The massages practiced in Asia are quite different from those performed in Europe and in the USA. as they comprised the elements of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. A  particularly relaxing massage with the elements of acupressure and the use of natural essential oils. The combination of oils is chosen directly before the treatment, depending on the patient’s needs, due to which the ceremony can have smoothing, relaxing, stimulating or mood enhancing properties. A lot of care during the ritual is devoted to the massage of the face, head, and feet.


Qi Balancing Massage


The rhythmic massage with high intensity is based, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is constructed based on the method of acupressure affecting the meridians (energy flow channels).



A soothing massage coming from China. It can be used for all types of disorders. The understanding of reflexes is used in them: the energetic points combined with the use of energetic channels are located on all types of internal organs in the patient body. The massage of these points involved the work of the internal organs. This  method has a long-term tradition and is very popular around the world.


Four-hand Galangan massage


The magnificent massage is made at the same time by two masseurs in the rhythm of traditional Bali music. It combines  energizing and relaxing advantages. Enjoyable relaxation is accompanied by the feeling of the regeneration of vital forces.


Classical massage of the entire body 


 One of the most famous manual therapies. It positively influences the condition of the skin and muscles, it eliminates the symptoms of tiredness and stress. Depending on the indicated method it can have a calming or stimulating result. 


Lymphatic drainage 


A specific massage of the whole body with purifying properties. It stimulates the work of the lymphatic system,  the circulation of blood and it removes puffiness. It is ideal in the fight against cellulite, it works on purifying the body of toxins and has a slimming effect.