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Hammam – oriental purifying tradition

Hammam – oriental purifying tradition

A unique ceremony with a deep body purification and treatment from the Middle East- Hammam. It is a combination of a vapour bath, entire body peeling, exclusive foam massage, hot stones and nourishing the skin with essential oils. The results are extremely silky and deeply  purified skin, as well as the effect of general relaxation.


The touch of Orient ritual

Time  1.5 hour,  traditional Turkish foam massage

The ceremony begins with warming the body in the vapour sauna and a cool shower. Subsequently, an aromatic peeling with chosen essential oils with a various effect, followed by a unique foam massage is made on the specific warmed stone table. A significant amount of foam deeply purifies the skin, eliminates toxins and the side effects of the metabolism. The ritual is finished with the use of one of the essential body oils which have a stimulating or soothing effect.

The Maghreb ritual

Time  2 hours,  comprehensive purifying, calming and relaxing treatment

The ceremony is based on traditional north-African body treatment techniques. It intensively purifies, smoothes out and strengthens the texture of the skin and it soothes the senses. The ritual begins with  deep body peeling with the use of black African Beldi soap made of the eucalyptus, extra virgin olive, essential cinnamon oils and cedar tree. Rubbing with a specific Kessa glove removes the dead cells,  smoothing  and making  the skin healthier. Subsequently, a muddy Rhassoul mask (improving the texture of the skin) is applied on the whole body according to the Moroccan secret recipe. The treatment is crowned with an aromatic north-African massage of the whole body and perfuming with the refreshing mist made of Moroccan rose or the orange flower.


Ancient ritual of the Berbers

Time  1.5 hour, a comprehensive body treatment

 A magnificent ritual includes: a traditional body scrub with an aromatic Beldi soap, strengthening of the skin texture with the Rhassoul muddy mask and a deep relaxing massage with the use of essential oil. The oil used in the ceremony constitutes a specific mixture of argan, sesame oil, olive oil, as well as aromatic essential cinnamon, cedar oils, eucalyptus.


The ceremony of Nur-ar-Nachar princess 

Time 1 hour, deep relaxation and body treatment

The ceremony opens with applying a traditional Rhassoul muddy mask on the whole body. Subsequently, a relaxing massage of the whole body is made with the use of warmed oil with the specific spices aroma. The ceremony intensively relaxes,  calms the senses and leaves the skin radiant and health.


Relaxing Kessa Purifying ritual 

Time  1 hour,  deep peeling and body massage

The ritual is a combination of traditional scrub with the black Beldi soap and the oriental Kessa glove, as well as a relaxing massage of the whole body, face and  skin of the scalp. 


The source of Beauty Pari-Banu Prophetess

Time 1 hour,  soothing and improving  the skin ritual

The ritual provides the intensive purification and exfoliation of the whole body skin with the use of original black soap and the skin texture improving Rhassoul mud mask. It eliminates the toxins,  clearly soothes and strengthens the skin texture.