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MENARD - traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese biotechnology 
Personalised rejuvenating programme


A personalized rejuvenating therapy is an unusual idea of Haute Couture Face Treatment, tailored to the personal needs of the skin, preceded by a precise diagnosis of its condition. Depending on the state of the skin and the prospective effect, the Personalized Rejuvenating Programme is completed with additional treatments, which ameliorate the result. The high quality special face treatment, effectively counteracting  the effects of ageing, is based on a thousand-year old tradition of Chinese medicine and the innovations of Japanese cosmetology and biotechnology. Its major element is represented by patented extracts from black and red reishi mushrooms, successfully rejuvenating and renewing skin cells. The unique power of the essence of reishi mushrooms and the other advanced  active elements successfully accelerate the process of skin regeneration, it delays the signs of ageing and restores the young and glowing look to the skin.   


Personalised Rejuvenating Treatment

Time 1 hour, regeneration and nutrition of face

Rejuvenates and regenerates the skin cells making the skin deeply moisturized, full of brilliance and flexible. The traditional Japanese shiatsu massage accelerates the intra-cellular microcirculation. The skin is deeply nourished; wrinkles, pigmentation,  swelling and skin grayness are eliminated. The unique massage method combining Eastern and Western techniques provides perfect relaxation and stress reduction. The ritual is recommended for all skin types, particularly for mature skin. 


Personalised Firming Treatment

Time 80 minutes

Multifaceted treatment with strong toning and moisturizing result due to the high content of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The treatment is enhanced by the strength of black and red Reishi mushrooms that aim to remove toxins from the skin's cells. An additional massage is used for eye areas. It leaves the skin more bright, eyelids become more elastic and the wrinkles around eyes become less noticeable. The use of Japanese acupressure methods  simplifies the drainage of lymph from the eye area. Thus the swelling and shadows are eliminated. 


Comprehensive Purifying Treatment 

Time 80 minutes

A specific treatment for demanding skin. Ideal for removing impurities, it reduces the extensive sebum secretion and decreases the visibility of skin pores. The effect - extremely glossy, refreshed and intensely cleansed skin. Thanks to the Embellir line toxins are eliminated from each cell of the skin and simultaneously the skin is strengthened with deeply regenerating and moisturizing components.


Comprehensive Brightening Treatment
Time 80 minutes

A unique treatment for skin with stains. Ideally evens skin colour by restoring its natural brilliance. It eliminates stains and  freckles. Perfectly refreshes grey skin without brightness and simultaneously moisturizes the skin thanks to  the properties of marine algae. The richness of the Embellir line offers complex regeneration of the skin and detoxifying result. The synthesis of Western and Eastern massage methods guarantees extraordinary relaxation and glamorous effects.


Comprehensive Lifting Treatment

Time 80 minutes

A specific anti-wrinkle treatment with noticeable lifting effect. Guarantees prompt reduction of wrinkles and shaping the face contour. Unites the benefits of the Embellir line, rich in black and red Reishi mushrooms and advantages of marine ingredients. The treatment intensively detoxifies the skin so it can be completely regenerated. In addition to the massage for shaping the face contours, shiatsu techniques are recommended for relaxation and deep stress relief.


The Treatment Intensively Beautifying the Area around the Eyes 

Colax Eye

Time 65 minutes

Regenerating and  moisturizing treatment using all properties of the unique Embellir line. Detoxifies, removes negative metabolites from the inside of the cells of the skin. Particularly recommended to patients with a problem of dehydration of sensitive skin around eyes. All recommended products contain large amounts of hyaluronic acids and natural collagen. They are introduced to the skin using Eastern and Western massage methods enhanced by the elements of shiatsu. 


The Treatment Intensively Beautifying the Area around the Eyes Embellir

Time 70 minutes

Nourishing and regenerating ritual using all benefits of the special Embellir line

Detoxifies, removes negative metabolites from the inside of the cells of the skin. A specific massage is recommended for eye areas. It leaves the skin more glowing, eyelids become more elastic and the wrinkles around eyes become less noticeable. The Japanese acupressure methods stimulates the drainage of lymph from the eye area. As a result, the shadows and swelling are reduced. 


Express treatment
Time 20 minutes

 Express nourishing and moisturizing treatment using the unusual properties of the Embellir line. Renews, revitalizes and oxygenates the skin. Guarantees optimal comfort and supplies the skin with all nourishing and regenerating ingredients essential for proper functioning.