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For HYDROBALANCE (Skinboosters) mesotherapy Restylane Vital™ and Restylane Vital Light products are chosen. This treatment permits for a subtle and natural smoothing of the skin. 

Due to injection of stabilized hyaluronic acid under the skin, it looks satiny and gentle. Restylane Vital™ has a positive effect on the HYDROBALACE of the skin and thus increases its elasticity and rebuilds its structure. Restylane Vital™ produces a great aesthetic result proven with clinical trials.
It improves the condition of the skin and can be used to rejuvenate the skin of the whole body.

The mesotherapy may be conducted with a microcannula or needle, the latter makes the entire procedure atraumatic and there are no signs of injection.


Restylane Vital™ improves the quality of the skin in the following areas:


-Décolletage and neck
-Breasts contours
-Buttocks contours