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Mesotherapy for hair loss

Mesotherapy for hair loss

We recommend:  

HairCare – a special  product with natural substances combined at highly efficient concentrations. Due to its unusual formula, HairCare can help in most hair problems.


Stimulation of hair follicles
Arginine, glycine, glutamine, and ornithine are nutrients necessary for cellular growth and hair condition. When applied on the capillary level the dermis strengthens hair roots and thus makes them grow significantly.



Strengthening and protection of the cappilary fibre
Zinc and Cysteine, two major, components of creatinine forming capillary fibres, make the hair look shinier and healthier.



Growth stimulation
Group B vitamins restore hair follicles and thus stimulate hair growth. 



Reduced hair loss effect
Both in terms of androgenic (seborrhea) and exogenic (stress, changes of seasons) causes.



Moisturisation and nourishment of the head skin
HairCare largely affects the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids, which nourish the tissues adjacent to hair follicles. HairCare blocks their dryness and thus protects from dandruff.



Noticeable effects
HairCare is a combination of nourishing, revitalizing and stimulating substances which have a positive impact on the structure of the skin, regulate sebum secretion, stimulate growth and reduce hair loss.

It also prevents the recurrence of dandruff by restoring intracellular substances and thus maintains the preventative functions of the head skin. After the therapy with HairCare the hair is glossy, strong and revitalised.