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Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep


Stays are possible  for those who are interested in unusual experiences and who would like to spend their time in an  unusual manner or see how their body reacts to exercises in the underground environment. Overnight stays in the mine underground are a synthesis of a sleep-over in the specific, therapeutic microclimate, respite from everyday life, physical and mental repose and unforgettable sensations. 

Here, there is no environmental pollution, which is on the surface; there are no allergens, fungi, bacteria or harmful electromagnetic radiation. Guests stay in the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber, which performs the role of a modern treatment chamber - a "natural inhaler" with underground brine graduation towers, a reading room and comfortable beds.




Worth knowing

  • This is available for individual guests.
  • No more than 36 and no less than 10 participants
  • The adventure starts at 8 p.m. and lasts overall for approximately 11 h.
  • Bring warm, comfortable sports clothes and walking shoes for the hike and a change of light sports shoes for the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber.
  • Take from home your own sleeping bag. It is possible to rent a bed linen set.
  • The temperature in the chambers is about 10-12° C.
  • The Health Resort does not provide meals.
    Patients can buy hot drinks from the vending machine - coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • Additionally, you can choose to visit the Tourist or the Mining Route.